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Marcus Brown, from Flowpointmethod

Does your slalom course have 24 BUOYS!? We took our new favorite test ski and our new favorite boat, to our favorite lake, and got to test out our new slalom course! If you haven’t seen the OffCourse by Rodic Innovation yet, you’re going to be pretty amazed. It mounts to the windshield, which worked even on the old 72’ Mastercraft and the setup took about 10 minutes total.
Installing and maintaining a real course can often take the fun out of chasing buoys. After skiing around these OffCourse “buoys” last weekend, we are fired up to get back out there and slay some more turns!
Marcus Brown is a coach and the man behind “The FlowPoint Method” which will give you the tools to train, perform, and stay healthy so you can ski for the rest of your life.

John Horton, Founder of Ballofspray forum

“I am thoroughly impressed with the OffCourse™, and its performance is flawless. Its design is superbly elegant, and I believe the manufacturing and quality are exceptional. Using it has been an immensely enjoyable experience.”

Redefining Slalom: The Innovation of OffCourse™

Overlooking a serene lake, engineer Erik Berghiller identified a common challenge in waterskiing: the static nature of slalom courses. This led to the creation of OffCourse™, using environmentally friendly projectiles for flexible slalom paths. Since its debut in 2018, the system has evolved with significant input from the waterskiing community.
Today, OffCourse™ embodies not just engineering innovation, but also the synergy of community input and development — a groundbreaking creation by skiers, for skiers.

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Trusted by over 100 users

Mark Kirton


This is a great product that will improve my skiing! I don’t always have access to a course so OffCourse will be a great tool. The build quality is top-notch and customer service from the team is excellent. Well done.