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The Z-Magazines contain twice the amount of projectiles compared to the standard magazines, the angled entry also makes it easier to refill with the bimini top up.

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Bubbel level

If you have an older level of the OffCourse™. he level is intended to create a "baseline" condition for you to work off of. It can easily be set up in the middle of the OffCourse™ with the help of self-adhesive tape.

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Extra clamps

These 2 extra clamps which can be freely placed at any suitable positon on the OffCourse ™ can be an advantage if your boat has a windscreen which can in some cases makes it hard tp find an optimal place for the clamps.

Projectile Package

The The OffCourse Projectile Package is perfect if you need a refill for your unit. The package includes the following:

  • - 500 Count .68 Caliber Clear/Clear Paintballs (Training Projectiles)
  • - 24 Count 12 Gram C02 Disposable Cartridges

Spare Parts

We have spare parts and consumables in stock for OffCourse™. Do not hesitate to contact us for help and more information.