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Keypoints with OffCourse ™

  • ★ Ski the course on the best spot on the lake, any lake.
  • ★ Ski up to 50 consecutive turns.
  • ★ Cut your fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
  • ★ Easily adjust marking distance to suit beginners.

What included in the package

  • ★ High-quality case.
  • ★ 500 Count .68 Caliber Clear/Clear Paintballs.
  • ★ 24 Count 12 Gram C02 Disposable Cartridges.
  • ★ Paper manual in English and Spanish.

OffCourse™ revolutionizes the way we ski by providing an innovative alternative to traditional boyes used in slalom skiing. Instead of physical markers, OffCourse™ uses splashes created by biodegradable paintballs that won't harm the water or aquatic life. With OffCourse™, you can create an instant temporary slalom course on any lake, making it the world's most flexible slalom course.

A GPS system ensures accurate placement of the splashes, regardless of boat speed or wind changes. The system can be reloaded with new balls after several turns, but you can continue skiing without having to turn around after each gate. The course can be adjusted from an A to a B or C course with the push of a button.

It can be mounted and dismounted from your boat's windshield in less than a minute. The system fits most waterski boats, and if it doesn't fit, you will receive a full refund.

Videos and customer interviews demonstrate the precision and ease of use of OffCourse™. For more information check the Instructions section.
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