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Daves OffCourse™ The OffCourse™ and Daves ProStar 197.


I purchased the OffCourse this past summer. The team was quick to respond to my questions prior to and after the purchase. I received the unit within a week of the purchase, quicker than I expected. After initial setup noticed one of the markers had a slow CO2 leak, reached out to the team who quickly helped me diagnose the issue and sent me a new marker without hesitation. Since receiving the new marker, we have had a blast with this system on the Pittsburgh river system, a fresh change and new challenge to our normal free ski routine. The balls are very easy to see when they hit the surface of the water, the team has done a great job masterfully designing this unique system.

Like any ski boat, weight distribution is critical to wake performance behind the boat. No different with this system, keeping the boat or markers as level as possible to ensure the balls are hitting equal distance on either side of the hull. There are adjustments to either marker if you need to slightly raise or lower the ball approach angle, but if for example you change out drivers and their weight is different, it can throw the system off slightly which is a bit frustrating. If the team can discover a gyro like cost-effective option to ensure the markers always stay level and eliminate the detail of weight distribution (even while the boat is under power) then this would be a 5/5 system. But until then, if you and your mates have a few extra dollars, go in together on this purchase, its certain to put a smile on everyone’s face and if you’re like us who always free ski, we can now share the feeling of having our own private ski course wherever we want!