Matt – Rodics Innovation
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Mat and the OffCourse™ on his Malibu Response LX.


We love our OffCourse for simulating the rhythm and width of the course when we’re out on open water! The system is well-built and simple to use and set up.

Once you figure out the start timing and learn how to get in rhythm with the system and the driver, it’s an outstanding learning tool. This took us about 3 or 4 tries to dial in. If you make a bad turn and have to scramble/get late, yes, you can influence the width of the next splash placement, however, we’ve found that if you simply use the next splash as an indicator of when to turn, it is super helpful at teaching you how not to panic, a problem most of us 15-32 offers have in the real course.

As for results, my first time on the real course after training for a month with the OffCourse, I was early to 6 ball on a pass I’d never run before. Biggest benefit of the OffCourse? When there are no balls to look at too early, you keep your eyes and head up and ski like you should! “Don’t look at the buoys” sounds easy, but my time with the OffCourse instilled some good muscle memory there.