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Does OffCourse Fit My Boat?

Revolutionizing Water Skiing

Experience water skiing in a new way - OffCourse™

For decades, water skiing has remained a treasured pastime, providing countless enthusiasts with a unique blend of thrill and tranquility. Yet, despite its timeless allure, the sport has seen little innovation over the years—until now. At Rodics Innovation, we're proud to introduce OffCourse™, our groundbreaking approach to water skiing.

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Does OffCourse™ fit my boat?

As an avid water-skier or wakeboarder, you understand the importance of
having the right equipment. That's why you're interested in the OffCourse
system by Rodics Innovation, a game-changer in the world of water sports. But
you might be wondering, "Will the OffCourse system fit on my boat?" We're
here to help answer that question.


The OffCourse system is designed to fit on most modern waterskiing and
wakeboarding boats, especially those with an open roof and a windshield. This
includes many of the popular waterskiing boat brands in the USA, such as:
Ski Nautique
Malibu Boats
Axis Wake Research
Starcraft Marine
Monterey Boats
Mirage Boats
Tiger Trax
While these are some of the most common boats for waterskiing and
wakeboarding, the OffCourse system may also fit on a variety of crossover

What to do if my boat is not in the list above?

The key thing to remember is that while these brands are commonly
compatible, individual boat models may have unique specifications. Therefore,
if you own a boat from one of these brands, or any other brand not mentioned
here, and you're considering the OffCourse system, we recommend taking an
additional step for confirmation.

Please send us a picture of your boat. Our team at Rodics Innovation is ready to
analyze your boat's specifics and help you determine whether the OffCourse
system is a good fit. We aim to provide you with the best possible waterskiing
and wakeboarding experience, and this includes ensuring our system is fully
compatible with your boat.

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Why OffCourse™ is the Next Big Thing in Water Skiing

OffCourse™ is more than just a new addition to water skiing—it's a paradigm shift. By offering a flexible, environmentally conscious alternative to traditional courses, OffCourse™ embodies the fluid and adaptive spirit of water skiing. Join us in ushering in a new era of water skiing with OffCourse™. Experience the revolution firsthand and discover why OffCourse™ is making waves in the world of water skiing.

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