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OffCourse ™

The OffCourse™, what is it?

An extremely portable water ski slalom course that let you enjoy the thrill of slalom skiing at the best spot on the lake, any lake.

Does the OffCourse™ replace my regular slalom course?

The OffCourse™ is first and foremost designed to make your free skiing sessions even more entertaining. However, it can be used as a training tool to improve your timing.

What are the OffCourse™ fundamentals?

It is a boat-mounted device that builds an instant temporary slalom course on the fly. Instead of using buoys, it shows the skier where to turn with a splash on the water surface. The OffCourse™ fires small projectiles that make a splash on the water surface upon impact, where the buoy normally would be.

How long is the OffCourse™?

Up to 45 consecutive turns depending on which magazines you use. The default mode is 6 turns. However, if you choose the INFINITY program it gives you a total of 24 consecutive turns using the included standard magazines. If you choose to add the optional, longer magazines you can ski up to 45 consecutive turns!

Can I use the OffCourse™ on any boat?

It is designed to fit modern ski-boats but does fit on a lot of cross-over boats as well. We recommend that you send us a picture of the boat that you intend to use so we can make sure that the OffCourse™ will fit before ordering.

Video & Instructions

Is it hard for the driver to use the OffCourse™ compared to a regular course?

No, since the OffCourse™ originates from the boat there is no need to drive through tight boat guides. It incessantly measures the boat speed and calibrates the distance to the next splash all by itself. The driver needs to communicate with the skier and adjust course width using the calibration program. Watch the instruction video here.

Is it safe?

Yes, we have spent a great deal of time and resources to make the OffCourse™ safe to use. For example, it can only be pressurized with CO2 once the markers are in a locked position pointing away from the driver and crew. It does only work within the speed range of 22-38mp/h and if you for some reason miss pushing the STOP button it automatically turns itself off once the boat speed declines. We strongly recommend that you always read the User’s Manual before use.

Does it need calibration?

Yes, you need to calibrate course width. Once your OffCourse™ is calibrated you can narrow your course for beginners or warmup sessions, and then get it back to standard width. For more info on width calibration watch the instructions video here.

How accurate is this thing?

In the boats traveling direction, the theoretical off-range is roughly 5 inches. Course width accuracy depends on how thoroughly it is calibrated and how weight distribution is handled. To get a grasp, watch this slow-motion video shot in an Insta-Slalom course at 34mph and with a 7 mph headwind.


Are there gates?

Yes, sort of. Each program starts with a zero ball on the left side that is shot 177 feet before the first “real” ball on the right. That means rounding the zero ball before pulling right makes you pass the wakes where the center of the gates normally would be.

Are there pre-gates?


How is it powered?

Via the boat’s 12-volt outlet and by standard 12-gram CO2 cartridges.

Can I still use my rear-view mirror?

Yes, in most cases you can. In operation mode, the OffCourse™ is tilted slightly forward which will give your mirror the space it needs. However, some older mid-mounted mirrors need to be moved a little bit to the side.

What are the projectiles made of?

We recommend using the OffCourse™ Projectile which is a paintball with a clear shell and clear fill. The shell is made from 100% virgin gelatine and the fill is 100% PEG.

What is the cost of the consumables?

The OffCourse™ Projectile Package retails at $59.99 and is good for 500 turns. One pass through a slalom course with a zero ball and 6 turns is roughly 85 cents.

Where can I buy the consumables?

You can buy projectiles and CO2 cartridges from The Nelson Paint Company in Michigan, they have put together a package with 500 projectiles and 24 CO2 cartridges. They have the OffCourse™ Projectile on the shelf and provide quick shipping. You'll find the OffCourse™ Projectile Package here.


Does the water have to be flat for the splash to be visible?

No, the splash often become more visible when the water surface is a little rugged.

Does the boat need to be dead leveled?

No, not since both sides are individually adjustable. However, it is sensitive to boat weight displacement. Once calibrated you do not want your crew to change seats during a set.