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Waterski slalom course​ by OffCourse

Save fuel and money

Lowers fuel costs, fast payoff compared to a regular waterski slalom course.

Time effective

Ride more effective, up to 50 turn with the Z-mag. Easy boat setup.

Ride anywhere

No buoy installation or preparation needed. Ride on any water!

Fits all riders

Adjustable to fit different rider skills. Easier for the boat driver.

Waterski Slalom, revolutionized

Rodics Innovation OffCourse™ creats an instant temporary waterski slalom course on the fly. Easy boat setup and configuration, and no buoy installation or maintenance. Ride up to 50 consecutive turns, which makes your training really effective. Suits both beginners and advanced rider.


OffCourse™ also helps cut your fuel consumption and carbon emissions – good for your economy and the environment. 

"This is a great product that will improve my skiing! I don’t always have access to a course so OffCourse will be a great tool. The build quality is top-notch and customer service from Erik and the team is excellent. Well done."

OffCourse™ is the result of countless hours of R&D, lake tests, and late-night soldering. OffCourse™ is a water ski slalom course, but water splashes show you where to turn instead of buoys. We have spared no expense, the OffCourse™ is made out of machined anodized high-quality aluminum and stainless steel, for premium performance.


The OffCourse™ system mounts on top of your boat window header, and two pressurized markers fire biodegradable projectiles that create a splash on the water’s surface, powered by standard 12g Co2 cartridges and via the boat’s internal 12V outlet.

OffCourse™ uses an automatic control system, with an algorithm based on GPS data. This makes sure that the splashes come just at the right time. All your driver needs to do is choose a program and push START.


The standard OffCourse™ magazines contain 24 projectiles, you choose if you want to ski six turns at a time or all 24 at once.